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Helen Storey Wokingham

“I have been having regular treatments with Jacqui for nearly a year and cannot recommend her highly enough.  At my first treatment, I had been in so much discomfort with my shoulder, upper back and neck for so long I could not believe how much better I felt within 24 hours.   After a few sessions, I saw significant improvement in the area and I have not had a recurrence since.  Jacqui always seems to find the exact source of the muscle pain and I always leave my treatments feeling so much better.”  (March 2020)

David McShane Wokingham

Jacqui is brilliant! I first got in touch with her after having run two marathons in the space of a fortnight and my calves and quads were protesting about it. I was basically pushing myself too hard for the level of fitness I had at the time. My calves in particular were like rocks. Over a couple of sessions she really sorted my legs out and I started to feel human again! I also do a lot of voluntary work supporting some very energetic individuals with autism and ADHD and find myself spending time supporting people in awkward positions that cause a lot of tension on my back and a tightness in my left shoulder. I now have regular sessions to address this and it really does me the world of good. My focus is more about maintaining function than relaxing, but that said I am often on the verge of falling asleep during my sessions because it is just so relaxing. Anyone in the Wokingham area who needs a massage: walk his way! (September 2019)

Darryl Gibb Wokingham

Jacqui has been providing me with sports massages for nearly 6 months now. I have noticed improvements from this and would recommend Jacs Massage to anyone looking for a sports massage. Jacqui is reasonably priced also. (September 2019)

Miu Woodrow Wokingham

I have had regular massages with Jacqui. The booking is easy. Jacqui is not only flexible with times but also friendly, professional and customer focused. I suffered from shoulder, neck and back pain, but after the massage I always feel great. Her technique is just what I need: strong but relaxing at the same time. I would highly recommend Jacqui: she really knows what she's doing.  (May 2019)

Greg Gabriel Wokingham

Jacqui is friendly and professional, always left feeling a huge shift in my tension and overall stress, amazing at working out those knots. I have already recommended friends to Jacqui and would do the same for you too!  (March 2019)

Attilio D'Alberto Wokingham Therapy Clinic

Jacqui gives a great, deep massage that really helps to remove muscle tension and knots. I recommend her to other people all the time. (February 2019)

Jolanta Popiel Wokingham

I have suffered a really bad back pain last year and found Jacqueline thanks to other reviews. What can I say. Jacqueline's professionalism stands out. Always on time, understanding and fitting the appointments around my work and commitments (treatments at your home). She builds amazing rapport with customers, listening and giving feedback and useful tips. Only just after 3 treatments I had massive improvement in my movement and the pain wasn't that bad anymore. After few more appointments, I was able to exercise again and add some yoga. I would definitely recommend Jacqueline to everyone. Whatever the issue, big or small Jacqueline will help you in no time. Money well spent!  (February 2019)

Giota Oikonomou Reading

I have had a bad reoccurring pain in my back and it came to the point it was so uncomfortable to even sit or drive. In only 2 sessions with Jaqcui the pain has completely gone. She makes you feel very comfortable and she definitely knows what she is doing. You can feel her working with the muscles. It has been the best massage therapy I have ever had and only regret not having found her earlier! (October 2018)

Helen Hopkinson Wokingham

I have been going to Jacqui for a few months now and she has been fantastic. Really helped with neck/ back and shoulders. She is friendly, professional and really good at identifying what is actually going on and treating it. Highly recommended ! (June 2018)

Sarah Flower Wokingham

Jacqui is fantastic! Both my husband and I have been to see many therapists over the years due to back issues, and Jacqui is by far the best. Would recommend her without hesitation!  (May 2018)

Neil Hatton Wokingham

Been receiving treatment for neck & back pain due to my office/desk based job and bad posture. Jacqui has done wonders in helping me and I always find the treatments hugely beneficial and enjoyable. Always feel great afterwards. Have recommended Jacqui to other people and very happy to do so. 5/5 (April 2018)

Jenny Mew Binfield

I have always found Jacqui to be professional , knowledgable and helpful. She understands my muscle aches and usually goes right to the offending area without guidance from me! After a massage from Jacqui my body feels lighter, less tight and generally more relaxed in every way. If you would like your body to feel like it is smiling then I highly recommend a massage with Jacqui.  (April 2018)

Gemma Reynolds Wokingham

I would highly recommend Jacqui! I've been seeing her for a few months now and wouldn't use anyone else now. Even after the first session I noticed my neck and shoulders felt less tight. My horse riding has improved considerably as well through her work on my hip flexors. Thank you Jacqui!  (February 2018)

Emma Buckett Caversham

Having massage has helped me cope with the pain caused by using a wheelchair and having a chronic degenerative disability. Jacqueline is lovely and I look forward to her company as well as having my wonderful massage, I cannot recommend her enough! (January 2018)

Alex Wilson Wokingham

As somebody who has struggled with calf problems for the best part of 10 years and visited numerous sports and physical therapists, I can safely say I wouldn't consider using anybody else after Jacqui. She has a fantastic ability to find the root of the problem in an instant! (December 2017)

Helen Dorrity Wokingham

Jacqui has been helping me with a thigh, glute and shoulder injury that was very painful and prevented me exercising. She has worked through the injury so that I can now exercise effectively and I am extremely pleased with Jacqui, she is very clear and professional. I would highly recommend her. (November 2017)

Chris Sullivan Wokingham

Excellent deep tissue massage. Jacqui has eased the pain and tightness I was experiencing from an injury earlier in the year. She has also provided great advice that has helped speed my recovery. (Sept 2017)

Paul Wheller Wokingham

Excellent service, very professional, best deep tissue massage I have ever had, easy access from Wokingham town centre. (Aug 2017)

Geoff Gee Woodley

I was recommended to have some massage by the Parkinson’s nurse to help with the muscle stiffness arising from my condition. I was completely new to this kind of therapy so did not really know where to start. I found Jacqui via the website. After a few sessions over the last couple of months I can definitely feel the benefit. Not only do my shoulders and back generally feel better, but a specific pain in one shoulder has almost completely disappeared. Jacqui is clearly skillful and sympathetic in what she does and I feel very lucky to have found her, especially given where I started from. (Aug 2017)

Jules Soer Caversham

Jacqui is amazing at her job and always sorts out my aches and pains! She is very professional, always on time and always on top form! As a personal trainer, I recommend her to all my clients. (June 2017)

Kelly-Ann Clarke Arborfield, Wokingham

Had a 90 min deep tissue massage with Jacqui and it was one of the best I have ever had. Really nice friendly lady, great that she does home visit. I really recommend Jacqui for a professional massage for your aches and pains. (June 2017)

Caterina Pinheiro Wokingham

Jacqui has really been helping me with a couple of back issues and I feel a lot of relief after I see her. She's also given me some stretching exercises and advise to make sure I don't get worse. She's also available Saturday morning which is great for Mon-Fri workers. Big thumbs up!  (May 2017)

Ruth Scott Yateley

Cannot recommend highly enough, very professional, made me feel totally at ease, and definately knows what she is doing. Being housebound, I have found the at home service invaluable. Feel very lucky to have her help. (May 2017)

Adi Cristea Wokingham

Jaqui was awesome. My wife was delighted, she enjoyed the whole treatment. She loved how she was treated and she appreciated Jaqui taking the time to ease off some of the pain points on her body. Jaqui made it possible that my wife comes in for a session on the day she was celebrating 40, so helped me providing a great gift. I can't thank her enough and would definitely recommend! (Feb 2017)

James Corfield Wokingham, Berkshire

Having moved house, got married and had a baby in the last 24 months, it's fair to say I was a bit stressed out so decided to see a massage therapist so I could sort my body out. I found Jacqui through a Google search and after just one session, I was very impressed. She was polite, professional and pinpointed where the tension was and worked on those key areas over several sessions. Since then, I've felt more relaxed, more loose and in a lot less discomfort than before – amazing really! If you're looking for an exceptional massage, then I can't recommend Jacqui highly enough. (Feb 2017)

Sam Rivieccio Wokingham, Berkshire

Jacqui is fabulous. I have had surgery on my back, which has left some nerve damage in my leg, Jacqui is helping to get me back on track. I feel so much better after each session as she works on all the muscles that are over compensating due to my weak leg. Highly recommend her.

Debbie Mitchell Wokingham, Berkshire

Jacqui helped me to loosen muscles which had become very tight due to back and sciatic pain.  It was a very thorough massage, done at the level you can handle.  I would recommend Jacqui for her massage skills, technique and professionalism at making you feel comfortable and easing tired or painful areas of your body.

Charmaine Venske Wokingham

Thank you Jacqui.  Your magic hands have worked miracles on my stiff neck and sore muscles.  Jacqui gives a wornderful deep tissue massage and I highly recommend her to anyone with sore and aching muscles.  It's not easy to find a good massage therapist and Jacqui ticks all the boxes!  Looking forward to the next one.

Barbara Paske Reading

I have had several massages from Jacqui.  She has an amazing technique and remembers between sessions exactly what works for you.

Genevieve Emanuel Durban, South Africa

My husband and I were lucky enough to have Jacqui massage us on a regular basis for over a year.  Her knowledge and skill far surpass anyone else I have ever had work on me.  From basic everyday stress relief to more advanced work on particularly stressed and even strained areas, a massage with Jacqui is something that can't be beaten!  We miss her kind, friendly, professional way and have never quite found someone to replace her.

Surita Vithal South Africa

Jacqui Bloem was my massage therapist in South Africa for over 5 years.  There is not a week that goes by where my shoulders and back don't miss her!  She is incredibly talented and, is without doubt, the best massage therapist I know.  Jacqui has a knack of knowing exactly what needs to be worked on without you bringing it to her attention.  Her technique is both healing and soothing. She finds those knots and massages those trigger points to provide essential relief.  Jacqui is just wonderful and anybody would be most fortunate to have her as their massage therapist!

Julie McGlashan South Africa

I was extremely fortunate to have Jacqui as my massage therapist for over a year. Her ability to assess the area of stress in your body very quickly was proof of not only her qualification but her natural gift of understanding the stress areas. My neck and shoulders are a constant source of pain for me and she controlled the tension in those areas to perfection. The ultimate treat for me was that Jacqui would come to the house, so by booking a time later in the day allowed for a complete hour of relaxation followed by a hot bath and straight into bed. The ultimate package! We miss Jax every single day here in South Africa and have yet to find someone with the same abilities and beautiful nature to fill her golden shoes.

Howard Blake & Debbie Leo-Smith South Africa

Jacqui did massages for us on a weekly basis.  We miss her excellent massages and professional manner. We would recommend her to anyone!

Dr Margaret Arnot London

Jacqui began providing me with massage treatments in early October 2005 and treated me regularly.  I have experienced chronic back and pelvis problems all my adult life and at the time she commenced treating me, I was also debilitated from serious fatigue and major bereavement.  Jacqueline's treatments were always extremely effective in providing relief from back pain and discomfort.  She uses a variety of deep tissuue and therapeutic techniques that enable her to respond to particular needs at particular times in a way unique in my experience of massage therapists.  Some of her techniques were particularly energizing and balancing for me at times when I really needed this.  My osteopath was impressed by the assistance her massage provided me in stabilizing my back problems.
From a patient's perspective, Jacqui is a natural healer whom I cannot recommend highly enough.

Tatjana Dokic Re Aqua, Wimbledon, London

Jacqueline specialises in Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue Massage treatments, incorporating trigger point therapy and other clinical massage techniques.  She also provided luxurious Hot Stone Therapy treatments.  Jacqui was professional, friendly and efficient, always providing massage treatments to suit the clients own personal needs.  The feedback from the cllients was always excellent!

Meghan Mari JING - Brighton (2006)

In my time as a teacher and trainer of massage, spanning over a decade, I have worked with over a thousand therapists.  From that point of reference, I have no hesitation to regard Jacqui as exceptional.  She has the appropriate balance of intuition, client sensitivity and academic knowledge to be a truly talented therapist.  Her familiarity with the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body serves her in finding a successful and efficient course of treatment for the individuals she treats.  She is professional and informed.  Her drive to seek out as much additional training as possible will serve her well in creating a successful future career.